Got morning sickness blues? Tips to try!

Got morning sickness blues? Tips to try!

August 5, 2022

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness can be unpleasant and strenuous for many expecting moms. This usually involves symptoms such as feeling nauseous and vomiting as well as being unable to eat anything without evoking these symptoms.

Although this is referred to as ‘morning sickness’, some moms can experience these symptoms at any time of the day. Morning sickness can start as early as 6 weeks, which is around the same time that most moms suspect or find out that they are expecting a little bundle of joy, and the symptoms usually disappear around the beginning of the second trimester. With that said, a few women continue to experience morning sickness in their second trimester with some experiencing nausea throughout their entire pregnancy period.¹

Below are some tips to help reduce morning sickness symptoms.

Food Choices

Take note of the type of foods that trigger your nausea and those that you can’t keep down. Greasy, fatty, salty, and spicy foods are usually the biggest triggers, therefore going for high-protein snacks would be a better option.²

Going for easy to digest foods such as bananas, rice and toast are also a good way to get some calories. Smoothies and soups are also a healthier option as they’re filled with much needed nutrients. And if fluids trigger your morning sickness symptoms, you can choose water packed vegetables and fruits such as watermelons.²

Stock up on ginger, mint & lemon

Studies have shown that ginger is one of the best ways to curb morning sickness, so having a ginger drink or tea, ginger biscuits or even the fresh scent of ginger can help alleviate the symptoms.²

You can also chew on some mint gum as soon as you start to feel nauseas. Mint is also known for its morning sickness relieving capabilities as it helps to soothe and settle your stomach. Furthermore, you can try smelling some mint scented oils or adding some mint leaves into your water bottle.²

Research has also shown that the fresh smell of citrusy fruits such as lemons also help with the symptoms.²

Take Vitamin B6

The usage of vitamin B6 as a substitute for anti-nausea drugs is becoming more and more advised for pregnant women.²

According to several studies, vitamin B6 supplements, also known as pyridoxine, effectively lessen morning sickness during pregnancy.² For this reason, doctors advise using vitamin B6 tablets as a first line of defence against mild nausea when pregnant.³ For your daily dose of vitamin B6, Chela-Preg’s everyday multivitamin contains vitamin B6, read more about it here

Avoid strong smells ¹

Avoiding environmental triggers, especially those that have a strong smell, is one of the finest things you can do. Keep your distance from anything that seems to have an effect on you, such as fragrances and cigarette smoke.

When cooking with strong scented spices, ensure that you keep the windows open to allow free flow of fresh air and to reduce cooking odours.

Also ensure to throw out any garbage bags that may have a strong unpleasant scent. As your smell senses are heightened during the pregnancy, strong smells will linger longer.

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