Pregnancy Insomnia, what is it?

Pregnancy Insomnia, what is it?

August 5, 2022


Pregnancy Insomnia, what is it?

Do you find yourself up at night, tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable sleeping position, and running to the bathroom in between? You may be suffering from what is commonly known as pregnancy insomnia.¹

Many women complain about not being able to sleep sometime during their pregnancy and there can be many factors causing the insomnia. The anxiety of motherhood, the many thoughts that come into mind while trying to fall asleep as well as the uncomfortable growing belly can be some of the biggest contributors to the sleepless nights.¹

Tips to help you sleep better

Below are some of the tips assist with a decent night’s sleep.


Pregnancy pillows are one of best ways to ensure comfortability, and they’re available for purchase online and in-store. You can also use your own pillows at home to position pillows around your body, in-between your needs and ensuring your head is propped up to avoid heartburn.¹


Taking a good 20 to 30 minutes midday walk or doing some yoga should also do the trick. But ensure to avoid evening workouts which may give your body a boost of energy that makes it hard to fall asleep. Doing some day exercises are not only a good way to give yourself a boost, but it will also help you blow off some steam and work out your anxieties.¹

Healthy Eating

Eating a healthy balanced diet can help with insomnia. Avoid caffeine and chocolate ¹, especially in the late afternoon or evening, since they can keep you awake. Also ensure that you eat small portions early in the evening as eating a big meal right before bedtime can keep you awake and bloated. You can also top if off with a light, healthy snack to keep you full until the next morning to avoid a hunger strike trip to the kitchen at 2am.¹

Aromatherapy oils

A little bit lavender or chamomile oil on your pillow on in a water diffuser can help you slip into a slumber. Just remember that your smell senses are heightened during pregnancy, so a little goes a long way.¹

Pregnancy insomnia is common and usually does not mean that anything is wrong with mommy and baby. Some people even jokingly refer to it as preparation for when the baby arrives and needs tending to and feeding during the night. The above tricks should hopefully help you sleep better before that time comes.

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